CAN Tanzania

CAN-Tanzania is a National Network formed and registered in November, 2011. The network has been formed purposely for promoting and strengthening Tanzanian local Networks, CSO’s, and CBO’s through enhancing capacity in information sharing and managing community based projects based on mitigation, adaptation and coping strategies of climate change impacts.

The establishment of this network has been a vital stage for promoting a conscious society that can take proper  measures towards climate change impacts especially in rural areas where the most vulnerable poor communities are living.

Currently, CAN-Tanzania has more than 110 members -CSOs working on climate related activities in different parts of the country. These members are working with more than 10 million people.

Our Background

Currently, CAN- Tanzania works with its members (consisting of Civil Society Organizations (CSO), Community Based Organizations (CBO), different networks, university institutions, non-profit organizations and institutions) in different parts of the country.

The network strives to be one of the regional Think Tanks that promotes and strengthen institutions and communities through increasing capacity, research, sharing information and managing national as well as community-based projects and programmes. CAN-Tanzania and its members promote and manage projects with the focus on climate change mitigation, adaptation, technology transfer, REDD+ and forest management (e.g. reforestation), water resources, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and (climate smart) agriculture.

The establishment of this network has been a critical step in making Tanzanian population, especially rural communities, aware of climate change topics. The long-term goal is to empower people to take appropriate actions and to adapt to an ever challenging environment.

CAN-Tanzania bases its actions on scientific research, so that promoted activities and national strategies follow a comprehensive line in tackling climate change and reducing community vulnerability. Consequently, CAN Tanzania members coordinate and follow a common strategy to promote global, regional, national and individual actions to tackle different climate change areas so that future generations can continue to live in our country.

Our Objectives

  • Examine the research findings on the impacts of climate change in order to be able to present conclusive activities and measures;
  • Promote awareness on the causes of climate change, such as unsustainable human activities that lead to environmental degradation;
  • Encourage efforts of restoration of damaged environment aggravating climate change;
  • Involve the public in developing and implementing national policy agenda that is line with CAN-Tanzania vision;
  • Raise a united national voice in Tanzania to fight against climate change and to debate;
  • Promote strategies to adapt to climate change and to mitigate its sources.