Climate change and its impacts are already beyond coping and adaptation strategies and hence causing loss and damage around the global and particularly in less income countries.  Tanzania in particular has continued to experience climate risks that have endangered efforts to achieve sustainable development, threaten to undo hardly achieved development, hinders human rights fulfillment, and lock people into the poverty trap. Tanzania is one of the countries in which loss and damage has become an issue of significant concern (Asaduzzman, 2013). The impacts of sea-level rise and extreme water levels have threatened other sectors such as infrastructure, energy, transportation, agriculture, and water resources within the coastal zone, semi arid as well as tourism and provisioning services (e.g., fishing, aquaculture, etc.).

Despite the dangers due climate related losses and damages the level of knowledge among stakeholders (both non-government and government) is still low. This is a big challenge this training workshop focuses to address. Specifically it intends to strengthen the knowldge and understanding among stakeholders who will act as trainers of the treinees as away to reduce loss and damage associated with adverse impacts of climate change related to both extreme weather events and slow onset process. This training will lso prepare a ground for further researcher and more work on climate related loss and damages at national level.